Pine Garden Restaurant

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  • When a customer calls and places an order for a choice that has three subchoices the employee should ask the customer which  choice they prefer not choose for us. Telling a paying customer to fuck off or that they fucked up the order is not business minded. To challenge a customer and to invite him into the restaurant is not very business minded nor responsible. Daniel Son is very immature and has no customer service skills. He should be in the kitchen not with customers. I will make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows about his disgusting attitude and challenging behavior towards the customer that pays your bills.
    flightl******* posted at 10/4/2021
  • We just got home and we are missing the wonton soup. My name is William Bailey 540 272 7865
    bail**** posted at 9/20/2021
  • Just got home and there is no sweet plantains in my order. My name is Andres Alban
    407 692 1886 
    aalb**** posted at 9/8/2021