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  • Gree***** posted at 12/11/2023
    Every time I have ordered from you guys the service has been fantastic. When my order is received I hop in my car, drive over and the food is hot and ready when I arrive. Your hot and sour soup suits my taste perfectly and I love that you guys have different spice level options so I can order the food spicy. I hope that your business is successful and you stick around for many years to come as my local Chinese spot.
  • dlatina******* posted at 10/17/2023
    My order took 90 minutes. I called 10 times and they continued putting me on hold. The order finally arrived and I was still on hold. I didn’t accept the order. I refuse to be played with. I will never order from here again. “Pine garden x Magic  china cuisine you continue loosing customers.
  • mra**** posted at 5/12/2023
    Ordered the sweet and sour shrimp. Couldn't eat it. Disgusting. Ordered the beef lo mein, totally greasy. Couldn't eat it. This is the third time my order has been awful. I will not order from you again. Very sad. I shouldn't give a star at all, but it wouldn't let me submit without one.
  • theresa******** posted at 4/27/2023
    We have been faithful customers for over two years. The last couple of times we received food from your restaurant it was unacceptable. There was a very small piece of chicken covered in tons of breading. I don’t really appreciate paying for breading. Do you think you’re fooling us but you’re not. We won’t be ordering takeout from your restaurant anymore
  • rah**** posted at 4/26/2023
    Something has changed here.  Ordered for the first time in a while.  The food doesn't taste as good and, I guess, due to the cost of eggs, the "egg foo young" contained absolutely NO eggs.  The "egg" cakes were totally made of flour dough.  Won't ever order that again, if I even order from Pine Garden again.
  • f-mal****** posted at 9/29/2022
    You should really shut off your online ordering if you aren’t going to honor it. Making people wait for nothing. We received your order #520495053
  • kayybl****** posted at 5/1/2022
    Received my delivery order earlier than expected which is a good thing , however , the food was ice cold in the middle. I frequent this location but have never had this issue. It was extremely disappointing.
  • almon***** posted at 4/10/2022
    My order today was extremely unappealing and missing items. The food appeared as though it was over cooked and was very dried; the sweet and sour shrimp had more batter than shrimp and the egg foo young was so unappealing and burnt that it was thrown away.  I feel that the quality of food and the service has significantly  deteriorated.  This will be my last order.
  • jro**** posted at 2/17/2022
    My very first time Patronizing this establishment my first impression was that the customer service really sucked
    The young man behind the counter seemed to be very irritated about something and just came off very rude
    Not sure if I’ll return.
  • deb*** posted at 1/8/2022
    My husband loves this place. Plenty of food and good prices. However, when I requested a bowl in which to combine my rice with my entire s we were eating on The Patio, three employees came out and after discussion, offered my a square to go container (not the styrofoam kind but Chinese to go kind). I left because this was holding up other customers. 
  • aalb**** posted at 1/6/2022
    Hello, placed an order and all of the sour souce spilled inside the bag. I took pictures. Very poor packing of the food.
    Andres Alban
    407 692 1886 
  • flightl******* posted at 10/4/2021
    When a customer calls and places an order for a choice that has three subchoices the employee should ask the customer which  choice they prefer not choose for us. Telling a paying customer to fuck off or that they fucked up the order is not business minded. To challenge a customer and to invite him into the restaurant is not very business minded nor responsible. Daniel Son is very immature and has no customer service skills. He should be in the kitchen not with customers. I will make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows about his disgusting attitude and challenging behavior towards the customer that pays your bills.
  • bail**** posted at 9/20/2021
    We just got home and we are missing the wonton soup. My name is William Bailey 540 272 7865
  • aalb**** posted at 9/8/2021
    Just got home and there is no sweet plantains in my order. My name is Andres Alban
    407 692 1886